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Abbreviated History of Macedonia Ministries

Black families acquired farmland in the Lewisville area, after the abolishment of slavery in 1865.  Many families settled here including the Hembrys, McKenzies, Brothertons, Crafts and Champions.

Macedonia Baptist Church meetings were held in homes starting in 1879 – 1885. In 1885, the Macedonia Baptist Church – “Colored”, was formally organized.

Eight men founded the church (Curry, Hamilton, Gordon, Bennett, Berry, Brotherton, Nichols, and Holden).  Macedonia Ministries is now one of the oldest predominantly Black churches in the Metroplex.

In the early 1900’s, blacks started to migrate from the ‘downtown’ area to the ‘outskirts’ of town—south of Main and east of Mill in the general area where Macedonia is currently located.  The Hembry and McKenzie families had about 100 acres of land and they began to sell little tracts of land.  A housing edition was eventually built in this area called Tanglewood.  In 1904, the Hembry and McKenzie families sold an acre of land in the same area to Macedonia Baptist Church for $50.00.  In 1914, Macedonia’s Pastor Irvin moved the little white frame church to a field on the Hembry property.

Through the years, Macedonia had several pastors.  Exact dates are uncertain, as many of the records are incomplete.  We know that Rev. George Curry was the first pastor and one of the founders. Pastor Irvin pastored in the early 1900’s.  Rev. Varner was the pastor in the 1940’s.  Rev. Lester and then Rev. Bivens followed him.  During this time frame, the church was moved to Hembry & McKenzie.

In 1954, John Hembry wanted to sell part of his property to the Huffines, but couldn’t because the church sat on the land.  A land swap was arranged with his neighbor and good friends, the McKenzie’s and Macedonia’s Pastor’s Sanders moved the church from the pasture, to where the Hembry sanctuary parking lot now is. 

In 1961, Macedonia’s Pastor Drake began holding services every Sunday at the church.  In 1965, he obtained the services of deacons Odell Brown and his brother Van, who were building contractors, and they built a red brick church next to the white frame church, then later demolished the little white frame church to make way for parking.

Pastor Alvin Turner followed Pastor Drake in 1967, and he renovated the little red brick church several times during his tenure while membership continued to grow.

In 1981, T.J. Denson became Pastor of Macedonia. Firmly standing by his side was his wife, Shirley Denson.  Macedonia’s current sanctuary was built in 1988.

Macedonia’s vision is to continue to press for a closer, deeper, more “intimate” relationship with GOD.

It is our desire that our ministry transition into a place of “Vertical Worship”, not leaving anyone behind.  Our desire is to become faceless, and nameless worshippers, who totally depend on our “Abba Father” to direct us as we “Worship” HIM in “Spirit and in Truth”.

We desire our worship to be “Spiritual”, and that we all become “ONE” totally focused on “Loving and Honoring” our GOD!

Like Moses, we will not be satisfied with just HIS presence, we want HIS every abiding, all knowing, all powerful “GLORY” to over shadow us and for HIM to release HIS “Supernatural Blessing” upon us.

We want our services to be so focused on GOD, that the very atmosphere of this “house” will be filled with “HIS HOLINESS”!

We will not regress, go backwards, or turn around from pursuing this vision.